Lightening Eye Serum

Lightening Eye Serum

PureRx™ Lightening Eye Serum hydrates the delicate eyelid skin, lightens dark circles, and tightens fine lines with an advanced peptide formulation.

This serum helps combat the following signs of aging:

Puffiness - due to increased microcirculation permeability, and slower lymphatic drainage.

Wrinkles - due to thinning of the epidermis and loss of the dermal extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans).

Dark circles - due to mottling and hyperpigmentation (accumulation of iron by-products, such as heme and bilirubin).

PureRx™ Eye Lightening Serum contains multiple peptides and active extracts which lighten dark areas around the eye while reducing and preventing wrinkle formation. It is an excellent moisturizer, immediate tightener, and long term therapeutic to lessen the appearance of bags, dark rings and fine lines around the eye. Regular use at least twice daily stimulates new matrix deposition and protects against free radical damage.

The therapeutic ingredients decrease capillary permeability, increase lymphatic drainage, and stimulate bilirubin and iron-complex removal, while providing anti-oxidant protection and skin lightening effects.


Dipeptide VW: Stimulates lymphatic drainage by inhibiting Angiotensin Converting Enzyme.

Pal-GQPR: Peptide that reduces wrinkles by increasing firmness and elasticity.

Emblica: Tannins which chelate iron and naturally lightens hyperpigmented skin. Also thickens skin by inhibiting collagen degradation and stimulating new dermal protein and glycosaminoglycan production.

Hesperidin Methylchalcone: Reduces swelling by decreasing transcapillary diffusion.

Pal-GHK: Peptide that strengthens the dermal matrix.

Chrysin: Stimulates the enzyme UDP-gluuronsyl transferase, which aids in clearance of bilirubin.

N-hydroxysuccinimide: A powerful chelator of heme derived iron.

Purified Green Tea 90% Polyphenols: Potent free radical scavenger that reduces erythema and edema, while increasing skin elasticity.

Cucumber extract: Extremely soothing anti-irritant and humectant.

Disodium Lauriminodipropionate Tocopheryl Phosphate: Anti-erythemal and anti-inflammatory.

Padina Pavonica Purified Extract: Increases fibroblast mitochondrial activity and stimulates development of dermal glycosaminoglycans.

Silymarin Extract: Potent free radical scavenger and, in combination with Vitamin E, can reduce the redness in rosacea.

Gorgonian Extract: Anti-inflammatory properties combat puffiness.

Vitamin K: Reduces bruising and promotes healing.

Macrocystic Pyrifera Extract: Contains prolamins and polymannuronate which give an immediate skin tightening effect.

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